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Monday, September 8, 2008

Collage Cropped - Water and Air cooled Air Conditioning Units

The Typhoon A/C VPAC line is intended to maintain comfort cooling in very large areas such as those found in skyscrapers, commercial mills, and office buildings. RSI also distributes replacement parts for new and discontinued units to include compressors, condensers/ evaporator fan motors, expansion valves and transformers. RSI VPAC units are 5-100 Ton capacity, vertical packaged, A/C or W/C and are made-to-order with a choice of voltage, discharge direction and 60 other options. The most popular market demand ranges from 20-Ton to 60-Ton capacity. Accessory options include various modular orientations, coil anti-corrosive coatings, valving, water/steam coils, drives and controls.

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